Wednesday Links

  1. Southwest Airlines And Alaska Air: Built To Survive Coronavirus - Seeking Alpha
  2. Icahn is shorting the commercial real estate market - CNBC
  3. Now There's a Mortgage Crisis Too - Matt Levine, Bloomberg
  4. The Speed Premium in an exponentially growing pandemic world - Marginal Revolution
    I tweeted about this yesterday (before reading this), the speed narrative must be in the zeitgeist.
  5. Yes, It's Tight Money
  6. Why Time No Longer Has Meaning, According to Science - LifeHacker
    As it turns out, this warping of time has an explanation rooted in how our brains record memories during times of extreme fear and stress.
  7. Why It’s Hard to Invest in Cybersecurity - Differential VC
    Customers, enterprise and SMBs, typically will prefer a one-stop shopping solution to a problem like cybersecurity. They are unlikely to want to piece together a collection of incompatible best-in-class solutions to individual subproblems. They will likely prefer a monolithic solution that offers adequate cybersecurity in one product.
  8. Infinite Games - Graham Duncan
    For me, there is no end to this activity, no prize or summit where I’m done and will feel satiated. To build trust is enjoyable in its own right.
  9. What’s in Congress’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package - Bloomberg
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