Weekend + Monday Reading

I fell into one of those wonderful internet rabbit holes this weekend, discovering some incredibly smart, insightful voices talking about this rare cultural moment.

  1. Spatial Software - John Palmer
    One of the more thought-provoking essays on modern software and culture I've read in a long time. Coronavirus is catapulting the culture forward into the need for spatial dynamics in our software.
  2. Open Transclude for Networked Writing - Toby Shorin
    An interesting proposal for a new kind of embed on the web, something of a modern successor to the block quote. I may integrate it on this blog and release it as an open source plugin for ghost blogs.
  3. He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus - NYT
    In the midst of a moment where the mainstream media has either failed or severely lagged the pace of information online, this is an incredible reminder of where the traditional media can be incredibly effective: investigative, long-form journalism.
  4. The Cultural Constants of Contagion - Ed Simon
    This essay looks at the social and cultural similarities amongst pandemics across time. What's old is new, and new is old.
  5. Two Hundred Fifty Things an Architect Should Know - Michael Sorkin
  6. 18 Lessons of Quarantine Urbanism
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