About Me

I'm a product-focused software engineer and entrepreneur.

I write about technology, software development, financial markets, economics, and anything else that seems interesting. I try to post a near daily collection of what I'm reading. I occasionally post something of a work journal of my software development work. I also maintain a running list of some my favorite writing, my regular reading list, something approaching rules to live by, and a list of books I mean to one-day read.

I've built and led teams in healthcare, marketplaces, video startups, finance, and many others. I love learning and the learning process. When I'm not building something, I shoot photos and bake bread. I also have a long-running interest in macro economics and financial markets.

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I write a weekly newsletter called ☝️ Interesting Things.

🎙 Podcast - SUPER DEEP 🕳

I host a weekly podcast called SUPER DEEP 🕳 with my good friend Zach Kim. If you like learning new things and semi-structured exploratory discussions, check it out.


Previously, I spent about five years helping lots of different companies build products, some of which you've likely heard of like Convoz, Tinder, NationBuilder and several others. Before that, I was on the founding team at Zaarly, where I helped build, grow and lead the engineering team. My primary focus was payments and backend APIs. Before that, I led a small engineering team at an electronic medical records startup. Before that, I worked in economic and financial research for an economic research / money management firm in Nashville, TN.


I've built lots of products over the years. You can learn more about some of them here.


I have been a frequent speaker at software development conferences, speaking on topics like refactoring, mongodb, and various ruby development topics.


The best way to get in touch is via Twitter at @ajsharp.

I'm @ajsharp across the Internet: