This is where a bio should go. Instead I'll just write about myself for a paragraph or two.

I've been learning and building products with software since I was a kid, professionally for +10 years. I've built and led teams in healthcare, marketplaces, video startups, finance, and many others.

I love learning and the process of learning new things. When I'm not building products, I shoot photos and bake homemade bread.


I currently build products on the platform team at Upfront Ventures, the largest early-stage venture firm in Los Angeles.

Previously, I spent several years helping lots of different companies build products, some of which you've likely heard of, like Convoz, Tinder, NationBuilder and several others.

Before that, I was on the founding team at Zaarly, where I helped lead the engineering team in the first year or so, build lots of stuff with payments and APIs. Before that, I led a small team building an electronic medical records system.


I've built lots of products over the years, most of which have (sadly) never seen the light of day. You can learn more about the ones that have here.


I have been a frequent speaker at software development conferences, speaking on topics like refactoring, mongodb, and various ruby development topics.


The best way to get in touch is through Twitter @ajsharp.

I'm @ajsharp nearly everywhere else: