1. Tuesday Assorted Links - 03/31/20
    A Ben Hunt banger, research malfeasance, corona crisis vs Great Depression, post-pandemic New York, lockdowns & GDP, and fiscal policy.
  2. Monday Links - 03/30/20
    Taleb on corporate socialism, NY Fed lessons from 1918 pandemic, SF Fed financial stress index, dead cat bounces.
  3. Friday Links
    The stock market as a function of rebalancing.
  4. Thursday Links
    How Bill Ackman 100x'd $27m, How the pandemic will end, Cheesecake Factory defaults, and Matt Levine.
  5. Wednesday Links
    Airlines built to last, Icahn pumps a short, another mortgage crisis, investing in cybersecurity, and infinite games.
  6. Tuesday Links
    Avoiding a depression, NBER covid research, the '57 pandemic, solving the climate crisis, a super spreader event, and more.
  7. Thursday Assorted Links
    Market narratives, fiscal stimulus proposals, donate blood, jobless claim spike.