1. CSS Flexbox: Push an element to the end
    Use margin-left: auto to force a flexbox item to the end of a row.
  2. A Disabled React component
    A reusable Disabled React component to wrap conditional display logic.
  3. How to Disable Specific Eslint Rules
    The create react app eslint presets come with a few rules that are slightly annoying. One of them is jsx-a11y/href-no-hash, which makes sure you don’t add an <a> tag without a valid http address for the href property. To ignore this, add a .eslintrc.js file
  4. ☝️Redux dev tools are a thing and they're incredible
    Redux dev tools are some life-changing shit.
  5. React CRA + Netlify = 💯❤
    Why mess with S3 & Cloudfront when netlify is so damn easy (and free)?
  6. Elasticsearch full-text queries explained, for humans 🤓
    A quick overview of the core elastic search query types.
  7. 🚫😩 An array of react refs
    Apparently you can't store React refs in an array. For some reason they get wiped out, so if you need to store a collection of refs, you have to do something like this (forgive me lord, for I hath sinned): import React from 'react' const collection = ["label 1", "label 2"