Recent Posts

  1. A Disabled React component
    A reusable Disabled React component to wrap conditional display logic.
  2. Tuesday Reading - April 14, 2020
    Headless brands, ActivityPub, Roam Research, becoming a better writer.
  3. Weekend + Monday Reading
    Spatial software, networked writing, and quarantine essays.
  4. Tuesday Assorted Links - 03/31/20
    A Ben Hunt banger, research malfeasance, corona crisis vs Great Depression, post-pandemic New York, lockdowns & GDP, and fiscal policy.
  5. Monday Links - 03/30/20
    Taleb on corporate socialism, NY Fed lessons from 1918 pandemic, SF Fed financial stress index, dead cat bounces.
  6. Friday Links
    The stock market as a function of rebalancing.
  7. Thursday Links
    How Bill Ackman 100x'd $27m, How the pandemic will end, Cheesecake Factory defaults, and Matt Levine.
  8. Bill Gross: How Technology Can Solve the Climate Crisis
    Notes on an inspiring presentation by Bill Gross on climate change.
  9. Wednesday Links
    Airlines built to last, Icahn pumps a short, another mortgage crisis, investing in cybersecurity, and infinite games.
  10. Tuesday Links
    Avoiding a depression, NBER covid research, the '57 pandemic, solving the climate crisis, a super spreader event, and more.
  11. Monday Links
    New Epsilon Theory heat, US economic shutdown, massive Fed intervention, saving small businesses, and more.
  12. Thursday Assorted Links
    Market narratives, fiscal stimulus proposals, donate blood, jobless claim spike.
  13. NYC Public Health Data
    A peek into NYC's fantastic public health data portal.
  14. Monday Assorted Links
    Lack of Imagination, 0% interest rates, Matt Levine, it only gets worse from here.
  15. A Collection of COVID-19 Resources
    For my own education and preparedness, I've begun compiling a list of resources related to COVID19; news articles, personal accounts, data, and anything else that increases understanding of the virus, potential dangers, containment strategies, effects, etc. I've tried to filter the highest quality and most accurate information (the signal) from